Extra Earworms: A weekend playlist for new artists

Instead of turning down submissions that don’t fit in any of our other playlists, we’ve decided to make a new one. It’s called Extra Earworms. It is a weekend playlist for the best new tracks/videos by new artists.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist


Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Party Nails – How Can We (Submission)

Back in August, Party Nails released a track called, ‘My 404’, which we covered. Now, in her latest track, she seems to question the ways of mending a relationship with someone special—set in what has been called a dystopian future. Hear the Los Angeles-based singer’s single ‘How Can We’ from her 2018 album: Past Lives and Paychecks.

Grand Am – Infinity (Submission)

Whether you know it or not, the music industry is fueled by love songs, which are written by men; inspired by their lovers. In this specific composition, it seems that they don’t want to look for [a different] love. Brooklyn via Chicago’s musical duo Grand Am’s ‘Infinity’ is a continuum of that statement. So far, they’ve had their music on Showtime, Bravo, MTV, The CW, and a nationwide Miller Lite TV ad campaign. We want more!

Nick Teehan – Just Waiting (Submission)

What if no one loved you for who you are? Would you be capable of living with that truth? Could you feel for someone else? Love is tricky when you rely on someone else to give it to you. As I listen to the lyrics of the song, I can’t help but think I’ve been in several relationships where my lovers and partners didn’t fully understand me as a human being. They say we attract what we want, but I don’t want that. I yearn for something real.

Call Me Karizma – Monster (Under My Bed) (Submission)

If Kendrick Lamar actively made Alternative Rock music, we imagine ‘Monster’ would be one of his songs. Call Me Karizma has such a unique flow that it’s easy to enjoy. When I asked the artist what inspired the music, he replied with “I want the ‘Monster’ video to give hope to anyone feeling picked apart by the world. You are not alone,” says Karizma. Check out the fun track below by the Minneapolis-based artist.

Exmiranda – Tell the Time (Submission)

We can all appreciate different styles of music from what’s currently out there, and that isn’t to slight what’s out there either. And that’s what Canadian artist Exmiranda embodies, a fresh take on Funk Rap. Exmiranda has been making music for the past five years. Previously, she expressed herself as a spoken word-poetry performer. Now, the Toronto artist is coasting through our airwaves. Watch the nicely-directed music video for the Mantra Beats production.

L’Impératrice – Lá-Haut (Submission)

Ever feel like you’re time-travelling into the unknown? You aren’t afraid. However, you are unsure about where you’re going. Leaving us in a transformative, dreamlike state, Parisian group L’Impératrice share the incredible visual for ‘Lá-Haut’. It is a wordless composition from the group’s forthcoming debut album ‘Matahari’, coming out in April of this year. Don’t delay. Watch the cinematic fantasy for the seventies Disco Experimentalism now.

G. Smith – Class President (Submission)

Reminiscent of the vocalist from Little Dragon, G. Smith sings about the relatable moments when you don’t believe in yourself, in a negative mental state. It is a liberating feeling as an artist when artists do just that, create art, no matter the discipline. G. Smith is as a visual artist. When she needed background music for her visual work, she started to record herself. ‘Class President’ is a small slice of how amazing she is.

Wristmeetrazor – Expiry Date: 12 Hours (Submission)

Sometimes, we have to scream out our aggression. Wristmeetrazor spawned from the need to be an outlet for trauma, the group “tow the duplicitous line of suffering and salvation.” Listen to ‘Expiry Date: 12 Hours’, a one-minute forty-one-second treat for treatment from the full debut album: Misery Never Forgets. I don’t think the lyrics to the song is audible, but it doesn’t matter. It’s still a bop.

Cook & Stans – Deep Space 10 (Submission)

This tune is the one you’ll catch the wallflowers two-stepping to, in rare form. Check out the wordless jam by the German production crew Cook & Stans now. The Freiburg-based creators met each other at a basketball game when they were eighteen-years-old. They’ve been friends since. We don’t know how old they are, so we don’t have context. However, we know that they attended the same university.

Written by Richardine Bartee

Her unprejudiced love for people, the arts, and business have taken her this far. Join Richardine on her journey as she writes history into existence, one article at a time. Richardine is a member of the Recording Academy/GRAMMYs, and a GRAMMY U Mentor. She is the North American Press Agent and US Business Manager for Oxlade; Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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