New Music Thursdays: 10 new songs you should hear featuring SVRCINA and Vern Matz

Discover ten new songs by artists you’ve probably never heard of until now.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist


Photo: Courtesy of the artist

dwilly – ugh! (Submission)

It’s Friday, so in the minds and lives of most of the world, it is time to turn up! Thus, David Wilson, the South Carolina-native artist known as dwilly, brings the vibes for a good time. Listen to the addictive bassline bound to get your body rocking on the dancefloor, on the asphalt on the way to the function, or elsewhere. It’s your choice. Just make sure you get loose. Since we have your attention—hopefully undivided_be on the lookout for his debut EP ‘crayola’ set to come out March 8.

DAZE – Big (Submission)

Some things are just meant to be on the open stage, in a blockbuster film, or sung by teenagers at a music festival; that’s how DAZE’s new track ‘Big’ sounds. Formed at a skate park in London, the British band started with childhood friends. Over time, the two (Sam Hong and Luke Mayer) recruited a bassist and a drummer to complete the pack. It is main stage material produced by Sugar House, who is known for his work with Pale Waves and Viola Beach.

Mark Diamond – Road (Submission)

Hoping to carry on similar qualities as the hummingbird, the Seattle, Washington-native singer Mark Diamond shares the awe-inspiring ‘Road’, which talks about choosing the middle of what is considered two extremes: Heaven and Hell. Describing a love that seems to knocks his breath away, the singer croons about wanting to be on this path with the one he adores. It’s a beautiful message, that’s on time. Might I mention, it is also on SoundCloud’s latest ‘Fresh Pressed’ playlist. Enjoy the well-produced record below.

Van Bellman – All This Time (Submission)

As I’ve always stated, love doesn’t and shouldn’t have a season unless you are an irregular being, who cannot compartmentalise the idea of love. It’s also the rawest form of emotion, which can and may transform into hate and disdain. I’m there, currently. I can’t speak for others, but when I love someone, I want them to understand the ways for us to maintain harmony. Life doesn’t always work out the way we’d wish; That’s fine, but I think what isn’t is the number of times someone decides to hurt you. And in some sick way, as the words of the song suggest, there is hope of reconciliation and healing. I don’t know why we are like this, but we are.

Shouldies – Bed (Submission)

I adore a quick tune with simple messaging over a vivacious beat; that’s what the Shouldies bring to the table with their new explosive track, ‘Bed’. Watch the DIY/art video below. The one-minute nineteen-second visual features a naughty woman in all her naked glory and dress-up gear.

SVRCINA – Insecure (Submission)

Doesn’t music have a way of spelling out what’s ironically happening in your life? Insecurity is at an all-time high; I don’t like it, but what’s the resolution? There is none. SVRCINA, a Nashville, Tennessee-based singer-songwriter has been in the business since she was thirteen-years-old. After signing her first publishing deal at that age, her works have appeared on HBO, MTV, The CW and more. Also known for her songwriting abilities, the young artist has songwriting credits under her belt, which newly includes a single written for MOTi and Icona Pop. It’s scheduled to release in April.

In so many ways, I feel like the last two years, and especially 2018, have been the biggest gift to grow and begin to grab ahold of the kind of confidence ‘Insecure’ embodies. Starting in music so young, I found I’d developed some unhealthy mindsets to people-please when all I really needed was the approval of those I deeply trust. I learned that it was okay to be myself and to start embracing what that looks and sounds like artistically. When we finished ‘Insecure,’ it jumped out as the perfect song to creatively and visually represent the journey I’ve been on, and serve as a steering wheel for where I’m headed with my project.

What a beautiful video directed by Bree Marie Fish.

Rite Hook – Behind the Blinds (Submission)

Rite Hook, shows a dark, honest and introspective side with the release of ‘Behind the Blinds’. Painted is a picture of a man who is clearly trying to escape from the realities of life, just to be alone. Whether with a substance or without, the struggles of life is weighing heavy, and he just wants to escape, even if it’s for some time to recharge. In the accompanying visual you see the artist throughout peeking through the blinds, at one point even getting frustrated with the sounds of the birds. The stresses of life got to the point that if he had a gun, he was ready to take himself out. This song is the second release of his upcoming album ‘Modify’ set to release March 8. Be sure to check out the visual for ‘Behind the Blinds’ below. (Brandon Wint)

Vern Matz – Cityscapes (Submission)

At some point in the day, we all need to relax and to be frank, Vern Matz sets the tone for me. Formed by some students at Yale University, Korean American frontman Daniel Belgrad sings about accepting the waste of time on ‘Cityscapes’ from the ‘Bobblehead’ EP. It may be an indie track for the blues, but it’s making me feel a lot better than anything else within these past three months.

CUTTS – Breathe (Submission)

After suffering a lot of loss, Lillian Cutts made music her sanctuary. She was solo. Then, soon after, she met her musical partner, Bonaventure. I’m unsure what her music was like before their union, but I couldn’t imagine it sounding any other way. They’re meant to be a team; No one can tell me otherwise. New York City-based creatives seem to be floating in the atmosphere, and only rising to the tip top when they’re making music in this discipline. It’s a good sign. Stream the new band’s dark record below.

Jonah Clemens – Golden Sun featuring Rough Ride of Crafts (Submission)

When I first began to listen to the record Golden Sun I had to pause it at 30 seconds. This wasn’t my normal pause of “What the hell is this?” but I had to go get my big speaker and turn this song up. The beat was instantly captivating for me and gave me that “ugh” moment when the beat dropped. I would have totally been satisfied with an instrumental for me to imagine what I would sound like on the beat then at 1:15 mark you hear some perfectly distorted vocals to match the energy of the song beautifully.

I played the song multiple times in my horrible attempt at learning the lyrics but ended up just acting like I knew what was being said and kept repeating “hold me down” in some weird country voice. I sounded like Hootie, and I’m not even sure that’s what is being said but it sounded good to me so I am sticking with it! The song was a good listen a worth a playback, my only real issue I had with the song was I would have liked to hear more guitar. Ehh, you can’t always get everything you want all the time I guess. (Thirston Howw)

Written by Richardine Bartee

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