New Music Mondays: 10 new songs you should hear featuring Party Nails and LOLADRE

Discover ten new songs by artists you’ve probably never heard of until now.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist


Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Party Nails – My 404 (Submission)

When I think of party nails, I instantly think of something unique and appealing. They’re usually multicoloured with various designs, giving them an experimental feel. Despite the fact these nails can sometimes be limited (as they’re only worn on the occasion of partying), they never cease to make a statement. That’s precisely the feeling I get from Los Angeles-based artist, Party Nails. The producing singer-songwriter just released this single from her forthcoming album ‘Past Lives & Paychecks’, which releases this Fall. On her Facebook page, Party Nails (whose real name is Elana Belle Carroll), cites Robyn, Shania Twain, SZA, Dolly Parton, and Grimes as her influences. With her high pitch voice wavering over an upbeat track, the synths and drum accompany absorbing vocals to produce an Alternative, Electronic Pop sound. This fun track will get you dancing for sure. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

LIV† – Date Night featuring MAXDOPE (Submission)

Date night is always something couples look forward to, and I’m certain most like to end it off with a little intimacy. LIV†’s, ‘Date Night’, shows the artist enjoying and providing a passionate sexual experience. With its soulful production, and her smooth rap flow and vocal versatility, listeners can feel the passion within her intimacy as she expresses her desires to please her partner. The song also features MAXDOPE, who cleverly raps about how he plans to please her sexually, as well. This track is extremely soothing and sonically pleasing, making it a great listen. Check it out below.

Daniella Mason – Human (Submission)

Daniella Mason has recently released an interesting, yet creative visual for her song ‘Human’. The video shows a robotic woman, played by the Indie Pop singer, who is looking and observing those around her to find a way to become a human. She is seen copying the actions of the humans around her, like eating and showing affection through the giving of a flower. The video ends with her making a connection with a male robot which allowed her to tap into the human emotion of love. The video’s concept matches perfectly with the song! The song is a play on her work ethic, where she may fall into moments of constantly going like a machine or a robot, but being brought back to humanity with the presence of her lover. Definitely a great listen, be sure to check the video out below.

Joseph Angel – Shame (Submission)

This song paints an all too familiar experience for both men and women! ‘Shame’, by singer-songwriter Joseph Angel, explores the heart of a man numb to love, who fills the void with running through different women who means nothing to him. He sells dreams, “makes promises he won’t deliver”, he begs for her to say “I love you” but doesn’t really care for it, all for the temporary feel it brings. He still feels nothing, his heart seems not to work, and he is ashamed because his “heart is not built for loving.” The song has a soulful sound, mixed with some beats that all together works well with his howling vocal dynamics and wide range. The song is also very reminiscent of Rihanna’s ‘Love on the Brain’, which makes sense because he is credited as the writer for that song. This is definitely a song that is relatable, and showcases true vocal ability, as well as, skilled songwriting, making it a great listen. Check out Joseph Angel’s ‘Shame’ below.

LOLADRE – Be Great featuring Pope (Submission)

A beautifully fluctuating melody glides along velvety voices as LOLADRE gets help from Pope on this duet. Laura Dreyfuss is no stranger to the limelight, hence her previous roles on television and ‘Broadway’. She has finally come around to her music career, releasing her debut single ‘Be Great.’ In a recent interview, Dreyfuss tells about how the song started as a “love letter” of sorts to her group of art-forward friends. She wanted to make an encouraging anthem in support of all the creatives that can relate to the struggle of dream chasing, and that’s undoubtedly what her inspiriting lyrics have done. Hopefully, there will be more roseate euphonies from the polymathic artist in the future.

LUNACRE – Love Being Lost (Submission)

London-based band LUNACRE’s new single ‘Love Being Lost’ is a delicately bracing tune about “feeling suspended—comfortable in routine, but with an empty longing.” The track that is from the group’s forthcoming EP, Pearl Tabloid is a melodic tune with a naturally rustic charm. The with the use of synthesizer, drums, and acoustic guitar go on to radiate that essence of Alternative and Indie rock while lead singer Ben de Vries balances it out with his chilling vocals. I enjoy the refreshing sound that allows listeners to bask in all of the song’s sonic elements and create a sense of ease.

Perlo – Love Like You Care (Submission)

A song with this title has no choice but to be euphonically soothing. With a doting overtone, Perlo band members Henri Bardot and Marie Hsia croon on this sanguine love ballad. The folk duo hailing from Portland, Oregon write, record, and produce their music. A tinge of Indie pop elements such as calming synths and a caressing tonic make this track worthy of a replay. ‘Love Like You Care’ is a perfect song to cruise to on an open road, to serve as the background music in any serene setting.

Sam Ryder – Little One (Submission)

England-based artist Sam Ryder is coming into his solo debut with a loud voice that matches his intense lyricism. Subtle Rock undertones, a cooing guitar, and a powerhouse voice that fervently fortifies the track’s pinnacle go to show why ‘Little One’ is worth a listen. Consumed with strong emotion, this song reminds me of one’s letter to there younger self with lyrics

‘It’s on the tip of your tongue/Don’t rush into it little one.’

This Rock ballad promotes the capabilities of Ryder’s range, and I’m only excited to hear more. If you can listen to this track with relish, check out this reimagined version!

Electric Peace – Kill for Your Love (Submission)

“I will kill for your love.”

Those are words that struck me as soon as I heard them. I am unsure if I would kill anyone in the name of love, but I can understand the feeling. Hey, when a man’s in love, it is usually deep love. I know what it is to be loved by a man, so I’d [metaphorically] kill for a man’s love right now. There’s nothing more comforting, as a woman who loves men than that. The warmth of someone else’s body is something that I will miss when I pass on. It’s what Electric Peace’s new song reminds of; the moments you’re intertwining with another being’s soul. Check out the new track by the Southern California band now. – Richardine Bartee

LUCIA – Summertime (Submission)

“I’ll only love you in the Summertime when things feel like a dream.”

Honestly, from the perspective of someone who is highly emotional right now, that line sounds like an extremely young thing to say to someone else. However, when looking outside of my emotional state, it is best to be blunt with people. I like the way this band thinks. You should check the four-piece out. Then, read frontwoman Lucia Fairfull’s explanation for the record below. – Richardine Bartee

“’Summertime’ was influenced by classic love films and my years as a teenager. It comes across as a happy bubble-gum dream pop song showing my love 60s girl groups like ‘The Ronettes’ and ‘Lesley Gore’, but the lyrics portray a [darker] and Grunge story of summer flings ending in broken hearts.”

Going further, she says, “People are going to get a surprise when they hear [the] new music because we have stepped things up further now. The new single is a proper summer track. It’s simple, classic and upbeat. It’s the most dreamy song on the EP for drinking in the park with your pals.”

Written by Manny King John

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