5@5: A morning playlist featuring JP Reynolds, TK Kravitz, and more

This 5@5 morning playlist consists of JP Reynolds, TK Kravitz, Neak, and more.

Photo: Kolin Mendez
JP Reynolds
Photo: Kolin Mendez

M’Lynn – Gave All My Love Away (Submission)

If you are a human being, you have been in a relationship where you felt like you were doing everything right, but your partner thought everything was wrong? A relationship where it seemed like the happiness was gone and there was no turning back, but you wanted to? Have you been in a relationship where you felt like you gave them all of your love? With her latest release, M’Lynn talks about being in a loving relationship with her boyfriend, who ends up leaving anyway.

Neak – Future is Now featuring ROE and Karlton Sellers (Submission)

Time waits for no man. I know you have heard the phrase. It is one of the accurate statements I heard in my life. It means just what it says: Time doesn’t wait. If you want something today and go after it tomorrow, chances are it’s already gone. You have to cap on each moment, idea, and opportunity. You never want to end up the “I wonder what would have happened if…” guy. Neak’s “Future is Now” featuring ROE and Karlton Sellers is a track where they talk about seizing the moment and taking advantage of the time we have.

JP Reynolds – Dreamcatcher (Submission)

JP Reynolds brings us his new song, “Dreamcatcher”, a song about loss and growth. In this song, JP talks about living on a planet with no police and no paranoia, the sun rising and being able to breathe better because he does not have to deal with the earth here that we have created for ourselves. Listen to the new song below and daydream about where you would rather be. I think I am moving to Mars.

Dead Hippie – Windows Rolled (Submission)

Dead Hippie’s new song “Windows Rolled” feels like two different songs to me. The first half sounds like I’m walking through the streets of NY with a backwood and timbs. The second half sounds like a laid-back Jazz track that you just wanna sit back and have a drink to. It is all done in under two minutes. Listen below, two minutes, two songs, one artist. Enjoy.

TK Kravitz – Ocean featuring Jacquees (Personal)

So, have you ever wanted to ask a woman if you could take a swim in her ocean? Bruh, I’m sure she would smack the shit out of you! Then, be honest, you deserved it. In “Ocean” featuring Jacquees, TK Kravitz tells his girl to hop on his pony… The song is dope if you can get past the silly lyrics. Jacquees comes in and steals the song. Personally, I want to rewind his part.

Written by Manny King John


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