#5NewVideos to get you through the week 42 (Tota, Pounds)

This week’s #5NewVideos list consists of effki, Tota, Pounds, and more.

This week’s #5NewVideos list consists of effki, Tota, Pounds, and more.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Tota – The Hood Blues (Submission)

With the recent death of the BLM activist Muhiyidin Moye in New Orleans, hearing Tota’s song now is that much more haunting. According to what we know, the local police or racists did not target him. Nonetheless, ‘The Hood Blues’ makes me think about all of the African-Americans who were slain by the police, or in police custody.

As a Black woman, I’ve heard some of the saddest and goriest stories from the men that I know—detailing their first experiences with the cops. Thankfully, they are alive and out of jail, today. So, to hear the powerful words from The Vallejo, California-based artist is a gift. I concur with his ideas of transparency. I can relate to what he raps about, in my way, and that I appreciate his heartfelt messages.

Tota’s latest video from ‘The Field Effect’ album release opens with him under arrest.

Watch the video. Then, stream the 12-track album below. I think it is a charming introduction to the world of a new artist. The mixes are polished. His brevity is admirable. It’s familiar. It’s competitive and current. The musician does not hide from the hard topics or hot-button issue. As a young new artist, he could talk about anything else, but he doesn’t go that route—this time.

effki – Rêve de Lune (Submission)

Pulsating thumps and piano keys at work, the new sheriff in town is an ambitious South Korean producer with the ability to build any beat. It’s attractive. It gets the job done. ‘Rêve de Lune’ by effki will get more burn on my end.

Kojo Funds – Check featuring Raye (Submission)

Whenever I receive submissions from major labels, it is exciting. It is even more exciting when they are international. It’s always interesting to see what’s happening around the world. Most especially as someone who is active in one of the largest markets in the world. It’s good to know how we have influenced others. In tandem, it is a treat to hear what’s original to their markets, etc. Before now, I hadn’t heard of Kojo Funds or Raye, but their video is well over 1.2 million views now. Watch the well-done video for “Check”.

Pounds – Francis Ford (Submission)

More than three weeks ago, the Rochester-native rapper Pounds released the video for ‘Francis Ford’. Without watching the entire video, I knew I wanted to support this release because of the way it sounds. Not every artist is interested or capable of making what’s trendy. That’s fine and welcomed. There’s also a way to ‘do it’. He understands how.

There are people who attempt to make traditional rap. Most of them fail miserably. If you are a fan of the Griselda Records roster and Lil Eto, you might like this Pounds song. If we’re right, stream the ‘Rules and Parameters’ EP next. View the video below.

Tree Thomas – Need Tree (Submission) (Bonus)

With as much as Tyrese went through—publicly—last year, it was a breath of fresh air to hear someone remind us about what he does best. Aside from that, sampling a classic from 1998 was a smart move for the Oakland-native singer-rapper. It’s what made me want to get to know more about Tree Thomas. Check out the video below. You’ll hear how gifted he is.

Space Baby – Hellos n Goodbyes (Submission) (Bonus)

Space Baby’s song isn’t a song that I would listen to more than once in my spare time. Nonetheless, I think it is a skill to recognize and appreciate differences. Stream the track by the Netherlands-based rapper. Funkee Apeman produced it.

Written by Richardine Bartee

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