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#5NewVideos to get you through the week: 35 (Johnny Frank, Matt Wills)

This week’s #5NewVideos list consists of The Visions, Johnny Frank, Matt Wills, and more.

This week’s #5NewVideos list consists of The Visions, Johnny Frank, Matt Wills, and more.


The Visions – Oceans (Submission)

The beats and synths came in automatically and whacked me in the face like it was Betty White slapping me with an uncooked halibut. It felt like the first time I ever saw or heard the Visions. It reminds me of the sound of Detroit. It felt like I was leaving the Magic Stick/Majestic after a fun evening. It reminds me of Garage Rock bands. They were a thing of the early 2000’s. At the end of the night, I would walk along the sidewalk to find my car. All of the streetlights were out, so I had to squint.

Johnny Frank – Jenny (Submission)

The guitar in the intro caught my attention. Then, it grabbed me back to ten years ago when I finally gave Weezer a chance. Next, the visuals of a regular-looking guy in Rivers Cuomo’s place. He didn’t have the Buddy Holly glasses, the sideburns, or even a modern man-bun. He was a cat that looks like he would be a good friend. A cat I will say, that has an amazing voice and a for-real talent. This cat’s going somewhere.

Maggie Szabo – Don’t Give Up (Submission)

First thing first, I hope she wrote these lyrics for they are beautiful and inspiring. Half of the visuals take me back to high school dances. I was a nerd and a sad wallflower like Bob Dylan’s son. Besides the expensive mobile home, something I could not relate to, overall I loved this as a whole. I give it four pints of Becks out of five.

Et2YT – Giant Kitty (Submission)

This video starts off crappy like a college course project. My six-year-old nephew, Anthony, could make better visuals. It made me sad. I think this song is so awesome as is this group. As I watched, I felt like constipated for seventy-two hours. Then, I broke into a cold sweat from a horrible night terror and had to take an excruciating Hershey squirt diarrhoea shit for ten hours.

Gibberish – Birdy (Submission)

I would like to take this time to mention a side note. There is an actual rap album on YouTube called, “I Hate Birds” by Sam Brass Knuckles which is very horrible—and OK at the same time, but I do love birds myself. Wowzer-bowzer: This video and song look like being tired and hungover, falling asleep and waking up hours later. The TV is on VH1. Subsequently, you fall back asleep and wake up for work with the same song and video still playing. So thanks for that and a job well done.

Matt Wills – Lights Out (Submission) (Bonus)

“Lights Out” is a well-done video with pretty visuals, but to me, the music sounds like something I would hear while peeing at Target—because you only really listen to the drone of the grocery store radio while in their bathroom. Not ever going to be as good as Ed Sheeran. This kid can sing, but he needs to find his lane. I give this one—one half a shot of well-gin and small a small cup of PBR with a loogie in it out of 5 Becks.

Written by Manny King John

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