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#10NewRecords to get you through the week: 5 (AmPm, Paige)

This week’s #10NewRecords list consists of AmPm, Paige, ChampionsLeak, Howwler and more.

This week’s #10NewRecords list consists of AmPm, Paige, ChampionsLeak, Howwler and more.


Cheap Tissue – Bag & Number (Submission)

Inaudible music is a thing. It’s been that way since the start of the noise style. It is more about the feeling the music evokes when it comes on. Though I can understand some of the things said in “Bag & Number”, all of it isn’t apparent, but I enjoy it. I like their name a lot, too. There’s nothing good about cheap tissue. It tears as soon as it is wet, leaving a mess behind. I’d rather spend $3 on Cottonelle any day. Do yourselves a favour. Stream the Los Angeles-based Punk band’s latest track below.

Slow Pulp – Die Alone (Submission)

Would you want to die alone? It’s not something most people give thought, but if I had to choose I wouldn’t mind. I was born alone. Stream the Indie Pop’s new lo-fi single below. Slow Pulp is from Minneapolis and pretty rad. “Die Alone” is a record from their six-track EP.

L8Loomer – We R 1 featuring Elliphant (Submission)

Do you hide from most people? Do you keep a part of yourself from everyone? Do you share that side with a significant other? It isn’t odd if you said yes. The only danger in having such a practice is the breakup. Personally, I like to give all lovers equal parts of me. That way, I am free and living my life with no regrets. Perhaps, I have fallen deep into a rabbit hole in my mind, but allowing one person to know my deepest ‘secrets’ (or thoughts) sounds scary. How are you able to live freely? I’d rather not have secrets, especially in my intimate relationships, and deal with life accordingly. Moreover, I do enjoy the celebration of unity here. I think it is a responsible message suitable for young people. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve heard from Elliphant. It’s a treat. Listen to L8Loomer’s new record now. He’s an artist from Tampa, Florida.

YAYA – Trouble and Bass (Submission)

Swedish singer, YAYA, refers to “Trouble and Bass” as her favourite song. We can see why. We enjoyed the soundscape and the vocal clarity of the record. Take a listen to the new track now. It comes from her three-track EP titled, “Episode One.” Also, this season, the recording artist launched a songwriting camp for female songwriters, producers, and artists with an A&R at Universal Music Publishing (Jessica Brandt).

AmPm – Own This Groove featuring Liyv (Submission)

As soon as the track came in, it made me feel relaxed and content. The chill Electronic Dance track by Japan’s buzzing creative duo, AmPm, has been streamed on Spotify more than fifteen million times. I think that is awesome for a group who debuted in March this year. It is an honour to continue to promote this track, as it is massive in other parts of the world. Their faces are masked, so they are facially unknown. “Own This Groove” features airy vocals by newcomer Portland-native singer Liyv. Furthermore, her debut EP “[It Me]” is available now. Go ahead. Own this groove with your loved one(s) by hitting the dancefloor.

KLANGPLANET – Falling (Submission)

Most times, I imagine where I’d play songs. “Falling” feels like a track that I would turn on at the laundromat. As my cheap jeans and other garments tumble in the industrial machine, the Deep House number calms my nerves—and everything is alright. Anxiety doesn’t live when the German producer’s music is on. Give your undivided attention to KLANGPLANET.

Lauv – Easy Love (Paige Remix) (Submission)

One of my favourite producers is back with an explosive remix for Lauv’s “Easy Love.” Whenever I see Paige’s name, it is bound to be a good time—like how it feels when you take the first sip of your beverage on the hot beach during a heatwave. I cannot wait until our paths cross, so I can see him live! The original version of the track is the polar opposite. Los Angeles-based singer Lauv’s vocals could standalone, but light snapping, guitar and drumming join the party.

DYS – Layers (Submission)

DYS, a duo made up of production monster Jeremy Putnam and engineer Joel Putnam from Clemson, South Carolina, released “Lasers” nine months ago. Nonetheless, it still hits. I’m a fan of Excision’s music, so anything that sounds like it gets a pass. I’ve been to a concert. Stream “Lasers”, the Dubstep track now. It’s about pushing innovation and technology to the limits. Sonically, it attempts to capture what it feels like to be on the brink of a breakthrough.

ChampionsLeak – Fuck The Pain Away featuring Radiiio (Submission)

Crafted by a production duo based in Los Angeles and Germany, “Fuck The Pain Away” introduces us to their mainstream Hip-Hop sound. On a personal and painless note, sex is a stress-reliever. I am unsure if it rids anyone of pain, per se, but it makes for a good song. According to the press release, ChampionsLeak consists of Choukri Gustmann and Lukas “LULOU” Loules (known as Lukas Hilbert in Germany). Both producers are known for their work with larger-than-life international artists like French Montana, Fifth Harmony, and more. They’ve also contributed to, and are responsible for forty Top 100 hit. Loules was part of a Punk band in Germany called, “ROH.” Radiiio is a songwriter signed to Roc Nation. He has worked with Puff Daddy and Chris Brown. He is known for his ‘distinctive 80’s influences’.

Howwler – The Vault (Submission)

It is my kind of EDM. Haunt my dreams, as you’ve planned. Then, continue to make me nod my head to the intrinsic beats you’ve created. Play the animated new track by the enigmatic musician. I wonder what he looks like when he performs. Does he cover his face? Or is it the only time we’re able to see his face?

Josh Hunter – Tropics (Submission) (Bonus)

“Tropics” is what it is titled. If you cannot envision yourself in Ibiza when this comes on, you’re not living your best life! It’s the type of track that will have you two-stepping until your ankles scream for mercy. Stream the Leeds-based producer and DJ’s latest track now.

Skorched – The Masta Disaster (Submission) (Bonus)

And to bring this bad boy to an end, I’ve selected “The Master Disaster” by Australian Nu-Metal band Skorched because it is everything but catastrophic. It has high levels of energy. It is the first song from their debut EP, “Minds Taken.” Stream the lead single below. Then, check out the full project.

Written by Richardine Bartee

Her unprejudiced love for people, the arts, and business have taken her this far. Join Richardine on her journey as she writes history into existence, one article at a time. Richardine is a member of the Recording Academy/GRAMMYs, and a GRAMMY U Mentor. She is the North American Press Agent and US Business Manager for Oxlade; Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.


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