For Kings and Queens: Tajana Bunton-Williams’ short film about Black Dance culture ‘Back Beat’

The former Beyoncé dancer highlights Black Dance culture in a short film.

Photo: Nowness

‘Back Beat’ is a conscionable conversation blended with fierce, passionate dancing. Tajana Bunton-Williams, film director, does an incredible job expressing that Hip-Hop is cool and Black people birthed Hip-Hop.

Photo: Nowness

Although Hip-Hop was birthed from Black oppression, it has evolved to be a joyous art form that inspires, moves, and motivates people worldwide.

Tajana is a former professional dancer who performed with Beyoncé at Coachella. She carries her experience as a Black dancer in this industry with her creativity to deliver a powerful short film.

The information in this film is given to the people by the people, with all the actors and actresses being Black. They are showing strength, beauty, and elegance in Black dance. Describing old struggles for Black dancers in the musical space is now no more: Able to capture your attention with eye-popping dance moves and unapologetically Black conversations.

The soundtrack choice was phenomenal throughout and with breaks in between of dialogue that flowed seamlessly. The film carried a lot of confidence, reflecting on how we should carry ourselves.

Long nails, weave, dreads, Hip-Hop, jewellery, etc; imperfect and perfect in the culture. ‘Back Beat’ does a marvellous job of reminding everyone that everything Black is beautiful and should be appreciated.

Written by Manny King John

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