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New Music Wednesdays: 10 new songs you should hear featuring Omo Frenchie and Charles Wesley Godwin

Discover ten new songs by artists you’ve probably never heard of until now.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist
Charles Wesley Godwin
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Pastis – Around Here (Submission)

When you are moving forward, you want things to move in that direction too. The Helsinki five-piece band Pastis provides the vibe with their third and final single from their forthcoming album ‘Circles’. In a familiar tone, Markus Nymalm sings about not casting out what you don’t know and procrastination. The words of the song may seem contrary to my original thoughts, but the music says otherwise.

Next month, I will be in Southern California for the GRAMMYs. You can bet that ‘Around Here’ will be on my playlist for the duration of time.

Omo Frenchie – Afro Drill (Submission)

On Monday, one of the artists I’ve had the pleasure of working with told me about the new African style of music that’s making its way to the forefront. The next day, I received a submission from a British musician named Omo Frenchie who has a song titled ‘Afro Drill’. As I went through the submissions, it’s the only song that my team responded positively toward.

The blend English and French cover a wide demographic, allowing non-English speakers to enjoy. ‘Afro Drill’ is a short record, but that isn’t bad in today’s streaming culture. You’d consume the same content more than once.

Charles Wesley Godwin – Strawberry Queen (Submission)

The country seems to be the same no matter which part you visit or dwell. Ideologies are pretty much the same. Christian values are its foundation. As a city girl who grew up in an eclectic environment, it is far more interesting to experience. That same attitude is evident in the music. Charles Wesley Godwin, a singer-songwriter from the Morgantown region of West Virginia, plans to release ‘Seneca’, his debut album, which a snapshot of his well-soiled roots in the Appalachian hills.

This album will give people a really good look into what it’s like culturally in Appalachia. People have a way-off view from the outside of what we’re all about, what our priorities are and how smart we are, says Godwin. The record is steeped to perfection in gentle mountain streams and a way of living that is surprisingly universal. Through earnest, sinewy craftsmanship, he mitigates the stereotypes that plague the state and reconfigures expectations.

We don’t know much about the area, so it will be a treat to learn.

After Funk – The Mess We’ve Become (Submission)

When I think a voice is beautiful, and that a group has the potential to go further than where they are, I like to point it out. I believe it’s the case with Canadian band After Funk. Vocally, there are sentiments of 90s R&B popularised in North America, but I believe with the right song and arrangement, they are near scoring a chart-topping record.

BLVCK JACK and Flosstradamus – GOD (Grind Or Die) featuring Leat’eq (Submission)

I’ve heard plenty of music with unexciting EDM drops. This isn’t one of them: If you’re looking to cut up on the dancefloor, the undeniable enthralling new record ‘GOD’ is what you may need in your life. Wallflowers, who need commanding words in the music they hear at a club, will appreciate the composition choices.

박혜진 park hye jin – I DON’T CARE (Submission)

I don’t know about you, but when I don’t care, so when the twenty-four-year-old South Korean House and Techno artist shared this song with me, I had to comply. Listen to the unique artist who has been famous from appearing in this Reddit group, ‘r/listentothis’.

Mark Diamond – Steady (Submission)

Sensualness and engaging songwriting are two components of a record that you can feel and want to repeat. The artist says the rain is the reason why his music sounds the way it does. Check out the Maple Valley, Washington-native performer’s new track below. It’s Dark-Pop at its finest.

Nola Wren – Bloodbath (Submission)

Nola Wren’s song laced with curiosity seems to capture the raw emotions from the mind of a heartbroken woman. If you’ve thought about becoming violent with your past lover’s significant other, ‘Bloodbath’ might share your sentiments of that time. Listen to the audio by the Brooklyn-based Electro-Pop singer below.

Izzy Miller – Another Drink or Two (Submission)

Depression is a usual topic in music, so it is no surprise that Izzy Miller’s speaks to that narrative. Heartbreaks are real and hard to shake, so some people depend on substances to numb them through the pain. If you’re one of those people, that’s fine. Here’s a song for you, performed by the American singer-songwriter who isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

The heartwrenching track comes from his new EP entitled, ‘Precipice’.

Mimoza – Love for Days (Submission) (Bonus)

On the contrary, Mimoza’s song is about loving someone for days. The Kosovo-born singer-songwriter makes the sort of music that leaves a lasting impression on you. If it weren’t her song, we could hear a younger Rihanna singing this song. Have a blast by listening to the track now.

Written by Richardine Bartee

Her unprejudiced love for people, the arts, and business have taken her this far. Join Richardine on her journey as she writes history into existence, one article at a time. Richardine is a member of the Recording Academy/GRAMMYs, and a GRAMMY U Mentor. She is the North American Press Agent and US Business Manager for Oxlade; Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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