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Lucky Daye and Yebba serenade us with ‘How Much Can a Heart Take’: Watch

It’s insane how songs full of heartbreak can sound so beautiful. Lucky Daye and Yebba sit us down for a sunny day in the park with an interesting twist. Yebba and Lucky role switch and lip-sync each other’s part of the song. It offers up a switch of perspective that reverses gender norms. Yebba starts off the song with buttery-smooth vocals that’s soon followed up and complimented by Lucky’s golden voice. As the pair sing on the bench, they spectate a couple on a romantic picnic which ends in a proposal. It’s a quite a scene for a song about petty, toxic habits and poor communication.

Yeah lately
You been out on the block actin’ crazy
Doin’ your thing
And then you turn around and blame it on the moon
Just ’cause you’re feelin’ blue – Yebba


  • Jeffrey Deon Chambers is a 23-year-old photojournalist and visual artist from Queens, New York. Since a young one, he developed a knack for writing and a limitless love for music. His ears know no boundaries. From the enticing vocals of Andrea Bocelli, to the genius production from the fingertips of MF DOOM, Deon constantly finds himself inspired. Aside from music and visuals, Deon is a movie enthusiast and foodie.

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