Caftan the beautiful: More than a trend

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Many years ago, the caftan (or kaftan) was a staple in several ancient cultures, and is a unique style of garment whose elegance has weathered many cycles in the great evolution of fashion. Originating from Ancient times, in African, Indian, and Persian cultures, the caftan has evolved to a modern day resort staple. What makes the caftan unique is its versatility. Caftans can be found in an array of fabrics from silk, cottons, linens – fabrics intended for warmer climates ideal for breathability and comfort – to heavier fabrics such as wools, and cashmere in order to resemble over coats intended for insulation and warmth. Caftans in African and Moroccan cultures were made of intricate printed Batik (ancient art form of wax / resist dyeing) fabrics and worn widely as robes and tunics.

White Cotton Temple Border Long Caftan, $380
White Cotton Temple Border Long Caftan, $380

The caftan with its regal robe like quality, is perfect for the lovely sophisticate going away on an excursion, or the business woman lounging around the pool in the tropics enjoying a little pleasure in the midst of her business trip. The caftan is versatile, and sexy without being over bearing, and depending on the fabric, can be worn in light-weight & loose-fitted styles, sheer enough to leave something to the imagination, or in a regal overcoat / tunic accessory, this is a must have for the modern day elegant woman. Many designer brands find a way to include this silhouette into many resort collections each season for the femme fatale jet setter.

If you are looking to purchase this item, it is surely a timeless investment for your wardrobe. Look for timeless prints, sleek elegant fabrics, avoid beaded, fringed styles that can seem dated, and go with the classic styles that will outlast the cycle of trends and have your girlfriends asking you, “Wow, where did you get that lovely tunic?”

Written by Manny King John

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