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Song of the Day: “Stroll” by Homeboy Sandman

Image: Eric Coleman

Name: Homeboy Sandman
Representing: Queens, New York
Genre: Hip-Hop / Rap
For fans of: Mos Def, The Roots
Single from: Hallways
Produced by: SOL626
Song of the Day: March 5, 2015
Label(s): Stones Throw

Some may know him as Boy Sand and or others might know him, simply as Homeboy. It doesn’t defeat the fact, that real Hip-Hop heads really respect Homeboy Sandman’s craft. For some, the weather might be somewhat cold outside, but this song of the day will have your mind in a much warmer place. This song has the feel of having a relaxing day at the beach; the only thing missing from this song is the calming sounds of waves hitting the shoreline. “Stroll” is definitely one of the smoothest tracks from his Hallways album, and should help listeners ease their minds from stress.

Watch the video below:

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