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Review: Mo Kolours’ Eponymous Album

Mo Kolours is a producer, singer, percussionist from England, United Kingdom. His self-titled album is a gumbo pot of sounds ranging from Hip Hop, Soul, Electronica and many other spices. The majority of the songs are instrumental tracks with samples and sound bites. But on “Little Brown Dog”, Mo Kolours showcases his vocals, singing a simple song about Man’s Best Friend. Another complete song is “Mike Black,” which displays a poetic side of the producer. All in all the tracks are incredible and puts him in the conversation with the likes of Freddie Joachim, Ta-ku, and Evil Needle.

At times, the sequence of the album doesn’t run smoothly. Songs just cut off and come on. And that’s probably because many of the songs are two minutes while a few are under a minute. Just when you start getting into a song, it’s already over. While that could get annoying, it also raises the replay value on those particular songs and the album. It would’ve also been nice if the album featured more tracks with Mo Kolours singing. He has a great voice and should use it more. Beats may be his first love but his singing could take him higher. Maybe on the next offering things will be different.

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Written by Manny King John

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