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#BlackOutTuesday: Treat Black artists better

The executives and labels, and media and streaming services need to do the right thing.

Design: Richardine Bartee

The music industry has had its control over our art for far too long. I do not have a critique for Kelis telling the music industry what they need to do to treat Black artists better and her issue with her contract with the Neptunes and their management. It is already public news that the music industry takes advantage of artists and use unintelligible jargon in arrangements. I do not disagree with Raphael Saadiq, either. Streams and the math behind converting streams into revenue amongst these streaming services is highway robbery. Steps in the right direction are significant, but permanent and more concrete gestures need to turn into laws in favor of the artist, not the major corporations. Estates and catalogs need to be protected and respected. Royalties paid.


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