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Big Sean says his chiropractor assisted in him gaining a few inches in height

Detroit rapper Big Sean claims that seeing a chiropractor on a daily basis has helped him gain a few inches in height.

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On Tuesday, August 3, 2021, Sean posted a video to his Instagram Stories stating he’s the same height as a 5’10” man.

My n**ga Ronnie 5’10″… solid. So bitch, look at me next to him, b*tch. N**gas try and hate on me like I’m 5’6″. Nah, for real, I probably even grew like a couple inches.

His caption read: “How da fuck I grow 2 inches ? Chiropractor for a year straight twice a week, that’s how. Straight Spine thas how. I’m laughing cause it’s real.”


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The rapper claims that weekly visits to his chiropractor helped him straighten his spine and avoid slouching.

Written by Manny King John

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