We Miss: Lil’ Kim



hile Lil’ Kim just dropped her Hardcore 2K14 mixtape last September, it still feels like we haven’t heard from the Brooklyn rapstress in a minute. Like, “The Jump Off” and “Magic Stick” in a minute. You know what I’m talking about; that unfiltered, go-hard-as-fuck Lil’ Kim that made females proud to own a vagina. Instantly, I can hear classic lines like Drake’s “She say they want the old Drake back, girl don’t tempt me” and Hov’s “Niggas want my old shit, buy my old albums” running through my head, which are all sentiments I agree with. Can’t remain the same if you want to grow, right? At the same time, I’m sending a call out to the old Kim because the world needs that edge and girl power back that only Miss Jones can give.

I miss the Lil’ Kim who wasn’t too busy giving a give a fuck about Nicki Minaj. The one who rocked what she had (physically) and was proud of that shit while drenched in Versace amongst other luxuries. The grimy, hardcore, pseudo nut-grabbing Kim. I go to that Kim when I’m looking for motivation.

Cue “Big Momma Thang”, please.

It may have taken many of us to come into adulthood to truly connect with Queen Bee more, but she has always given that contagious feminine confidence that young females needed even before we really understood what she was rapping about. This woman is the reason why so many of my usernames since middle school include “qweenb”.

So, the big question is, has the Queen hit her peak? I surely hope not. It’s hard to believe an essence and presence like Kim’s can disappear from even within herself. Only Lil’ Kim can smoothly flirt with a dude but still let him know she got her own like she did on “Crush On You” and then switch to a deep-tone that holds that masculine energy but still sounds feminine. With all the nostalgic 90’s feels going around, it’s hard not to miss what Lil’ Kim contributed to Hip-Hop. Where you at, Kimberly?!

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Written by Manny King John

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