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Review: Major Myjah’s “Trouble” EP

Major Myjah

Miami recording artist Major Myjah released his eight track ‘Trouble’ EP exclusively with Missinfo.TV earlier this week. His unique blend of R&B, Hip-Hop, and Pop, result in heavily textured tracks that would easily outplay any of his peers on the airwaves. Combined with his natural propensity of relatable storytelling and remarkable voice, Major Myjah is easy to crown as someone to keep an eye on.

    Chemical Kids

‘Chemical Kids’ opens the EP with the romanced story of lost suburban youths. The soft melodic guitar in the background paint the picture of sitting in denim, white tee shirts and Vans, while in the 7-Eleven parking lot. Maybe their lost souls will save each other from the pressures of perfection in the picket fence playground.


The pace of the EP slows with ‘Cry’, a too late love song from a lover full of regret of hurting the one they love. The track is a very relatable listen. Myjah’s vocals rise and fall over the bass focused production as he cries and asks, “Where did we go wrong?”


The pace picks up a bit as Major Myjah has an honest conversation with the listener in ‘Heartless’. The complexity of his thoughts mirrored in the complexity of texture in the production. Major has managed to write the words that perfectly describe the plights of a serial romantic, falling in and out of love.


The title track of the EP, ‘Trouble,’ provides insight to a full range of Major Myjah’s talents, the arpeggiated piano chord, strings, and 808 composition was met with rap tone, resembling Kid Cudi, climbing falsettos and melodic singing.


Disposable is a more up-tempo track, perfect for cruising down the streets as you enjoy the last few days of Summer. The chorus is easy to sing along to (especially to that guy that said that he was “over it” because things got hard).

    Walk Away

The pace, once again, slows down as Major Myjah inventively samples gunshots throughout the internal monologue that is ‘Walk Away’. One has to wonder who’s shooting at him and can he withstand the shots or will he walk?

    Ground Zero

Another song perfect for driving around with the top down. The guitar strums as he sings, “I got to get out of here” making the track the perfect end of Summer road trip playlist addition.

    Headed for the Dark

Everyone has gone away for the weekend and feared the worst. Interestingly enough, the track sounds like it could almost be a dance track, but Myjah’s very audible, “I don’t need this” would prove otherwise.

A personal congratulations to Major Myjah: Your year of work on the Trouble EP has produced a well-composed piece of art. I know that I am not alone when I say I look forward to your future projects.


Written by Manny King John


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