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Review: Night Tongue’s three-track LP is good; better with distinct mixing style

Photo: Courtesy of the artists


Night Tongue
Photo: Courtesy of the artists

Outside of the unpleasantry of the final mix, I think Night Tongue’s album had the potential to be a playback project all the way through.

‘Nautical Heart’, in my mind, sounds like what it would feel like to gaze over a vast ocean at twilight. Picture yourselves off the coast of Southern California, or Australia, looking out at the Pacific or the Indian Oceans.

‘The Gate’ is a dark, ghostly song with moribund performed vocals that talks about bearing gifts, or offerings. To me, the guitar sounds crisp, of quality. Everything else sounds lo-fi or muffled. It could be the musicians’ intention, but the written information about the project doesn’t specify the following.

I liked the way the album ends with a peaceful instrumental (‘Heiros Gamos’). Unlike the other tracks with words, the music allows you to go on a mental trip, uninterrupted. Based on what I’ve heard, I think the Los Angeles-based band are better to experience in-person. Night Tongue concluded a tour with The Academy of Sun and Elisabeth Elektra earlier in the year. I’m sure it was a blast! Give the band a chance. Listen to ‘Achelous & Melpomene’ below.


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