Review: ‘Desperate Times’ call for desperate measures; The Slang shares 5-track EP

Who doesn’t love a well-produced reflective breakup album?

Photo: Courtesy of the artist


The Slang's cover art for the Desperate Times EP
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Who doesn’t love a well-produced reflective breakup album? Arguably, the start and finish of most relationships are worth writing about, mostly, so we can share what we have found with other people. We all do it, in one way or another.

‘Back to the Fact’ relieves lead vocalist, John Bobo of The Slang from being guilty of what went wrong in the previous relationship. According to the lyrics, he never said no to his partner.

‘Breakdown’ challenges the thought of building bridges instead of burning them down. It is much easier to self-sabotage and kills someone else’s situation, but when one loses sight of the bigger picture, they are no longer thinking about what is best for everyone involved.

“I tear it down to build your wall”, Bobo sings. ‘Harm’, in an odd way, feels as if it is necessary to satisfy others. In the lyrics, there’s mention of hurting or breaking something you own to build something for your partner. The words of the song are not descriptive, but I can see that concept “working” to salvage a relationship. The question is, is the relationship healthy enough? Is the act of destroying to build a habit? Or is it a one-time “quick fix”? According to the start of the lyrics, desperate times were at play. Let’s hope that’s what it is.

‘Is It Any’ talks about the feelings of being invincible, fading beauty, and seemingly if there is any wonder at all about his side of things.

‘Head Start’ sounds like any disagreement between a couple that ultimately leads to heartbreak. The production is so “put together”, that one may have a hard time understanding if the instigator enjoys this sort of interaction with their partner, or if it is dreadful.

Nonetheless, please check out the Washington DC-based Indie-Alternative Rock band’s new five-track EP, ‘Desperate Times’ now. It came out in July. We think it is a well-produced body of music.

Written by Richardine Bartee

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