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Nigeria’s Laycon performs ‘All Over Me‘ for the Recording Academy: Watch

Photo: Instagram

It’s another episode of the Recording Academy’s Press Play at Home series and on this episode, Afrobeats artist, of Nigerian origin,  Laycon takes the center stage.

Photo: Instagram

From the legendary Fela Kuti to Orlando Julius to Orchestre Poly-Rhythmo, Afrobeats contains the rhythms of a ripping conversation. And from Antibalas to Burna Boy, the younger generation of Afrobeats artists is taking up the mantle, too.

For a fresh example of this, meet Laycon, a young Nigerian Afrobeats/Afrorap artist and reality show winner who makes performing this music seem as natural as breathing. In the latest episode of Press Play At Home, let the young Afrobeats ambassador spin a captivating musical yarn with help from his accompanists.

Watch Laycon perform ‘All Over Me’ for the Recording Academy below.


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