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Belly tells Apple Music about new song ‘Better Believe’ featuring The Weeknd and Young Thug

Photo: Courtesy of Apple Music
Photo: Courtesy of Apple Music

Belly joins Eddie Francis on Apple Music 1 to discuss his new song ‘Better Believe’ featuring The Weeknd and Young Thug. He tells Apple Music about collaborating on the song, working with Zaytoven, what fans can expect on his new album ’See You Next Wednesday’, and more.

Belly Tells Apple Music About Collaborating With The Weeknd and Young Thug on ‘Better Believe’

It’s a family affair, man. It’s a family affair. That’s my brothers right there. You know, it goes back to what I always say. Like when I make music and I collaborate, I feel like the best collaborations happen with people that you actually have chemistry with in real life and really with in real life. And I think with Thug and Abel, obviously, you know, it’s just natural. Like, and for me, if some sounds forced or like, it feels like it’s going down that road, I just kind of cut it off. You know what I mean? I like shelf the song before I ever put it out if anything ever feels forced, but I’ve been blessed enough to like work with guys that I got real good chemistry with. And we always showed that on every record.

Belly Tells Apple Music About Zaytoven on ‘Better Believe’

Big shout out to Zaytoven. He definitely came through with that one. That’s like a melodic masterpiece and you know, the piano sound like they just freestyle the whole song. So it’s like, I think the whole feeling of the song from top to bottom is beautiful. And you know, like I said, man, I think energy and feeling will always be like the first thing that goes into a record, you know, all the talent and everything we got that comes second to the energy and the vibe in the room.

Belly Tells Apple Music What Fans Can Expect On His New Album ’See You Next Wednesday’

I think just where I am mentally, where I am like spiritually, emotionally, I think I’m just in a much better place. So putting this album together, for me, it feels like a celebration of like a landmark in my life because this right here, I didn’t think I was going to be able to do this again and put out music again and share my music again. So to be able to do this right now, for me, it was like a super blessing. And I feel like it’s coming at the right time because I’m really in the right space, you know, to appreciate and to never take nothing for granted. And I feel like when you were in the game for so long, it just becomes like autopilot, you know? And now I’m back living in the moment I’m in the present and that’s what this album, people can expect from this is that. And that’s why I’m pushing it as hard as I am and shooting the visuals because I want people to see what I see in here.

Belly Tells Apple Music How Film Director John Landis Influenced The Album Title

I’m somebody that I love dropping Easter eggs man. And like the See You Next Wednesday Easter egg was so legendary because I remember just catching on to it and a lot of stuff. And I was like, Yo, why does it say see you next Wednesday? And so much of the stuff. And then going back and watching Thriller and Michael Jackson’s walking out of the theater and then you hear, ‘See you next Wednesday’, in the background, like a little whisper. And I was like, Oh no, he’s doing something with this. So I really wanted to just figure out what the Easter egg was and being that type of artist that I like to drop Easter eggs in my music all the time.

Written by Manny King John

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