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Queens artist Banxsy Aliym shares intimate stories with ‘Dirty Money & Decisions’: Listen

Music has a language of its own, which allows for a connection from an artist’s soul to that of their listeners. With the hope of creating that soulful connection, Queens, New York recording artist Banxsy Aliym released ‘Dirty Money & Decisions’. This project is a compilation of personal stories and lessons that guided him to becoming the man and artist he is today. He mixes the modern melodic rap style with story-telling lyricism to paint the pictures of pain, loss, self-acceptance and carries listeners along his journey to overcoming his toughest moments. There are songs on this project that everyone can identify with, and draw inspiration from. With ‘Dirty Money & Decisions’ setting the foundation of Banxsy Aliym’s sound, he certainly seems to be on the path to becoming a star!


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