Watch Scottish band Young Fathers’ official video for ‘I Heard’

Drawing an eerie observation, Young Fathers’ sound slightly resembles a track from The Weeknd — with a psychedelic twist. From the beginning of the video, dark and gloomy images are shown through a kaleidoscope vision while the instrumental sways in and the lyrics flow;

Young Fathers
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

“Science is eerie when you’re still around
Killing ya body cos’ they found you out,
Calling the shots and I’m falling down.
Look at the dust exploded on the ground.”

If any, there seems to be an alternative message behind the video that may be found after several listens and dissections of the emotions shown. It might come off angry through watching body language and gestures being portrayed throughout the production, but the sound waves of his voice reels you back into a feeling of calmness with a tinge of disturbance. Perhaps, even troubled by a kept-secret. I felt as if I was watching and hearing individuals find everything that was once suppressed on the inside while still searching for what may not be there. Maybe the kaleidoscope was an interpretation of the duality of one’s persona or even the lyrics.

“Inside I’m feeling dirty,
 it’s only cos’ I’m hurting

This might explain that all we see on the outside does not wash out what’s flooding on the inside.”

Written by Manny King John

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