Watch: NenJah Nycist’s “Zordon”

NenJah Nycist delivers bars from the underground — complete with an infectious hook promoting higher thinking, “I’d rather be a moor than a muthafuckin moron!”. His flow and tone are reminiscent of DMX circa the 90’s. Great visuals that fully develop the emotion behind the song. “Zordon” is a lyrically graphic song with some raw and gritty visuals to match, from the wisdom-dropping New York emcee. Returning to the essence, NenJah Nycist takes his genre back to the underground in the most literal meaning. Nostalgia ensues all around from the title of the track (see Power Rangers circa 1992) to the Kill Bill sample and grimy cinematography created by Ahmi.

NenJah Nycist

“Zordon” is the second part of N3NJVH SEASON; a string of singles with accompanying visuals created by he and his team. Check the first video of the series, “Can’t I Shine” too.


Written by Manny King John


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