Watch Ghostpoet’s ‘Sorry My Love, It’s You Not Me’

Ghostpoet first piqued my interest with the title of his new track ‘Sorry My Love, It’s You Not Me’. The playful take on the classic breakup line was exactly what I wish I had said to so many lovers in the times that I instead bit my tongue.

The monochrome video follows two people; a man and a woman, and their series of lovers geometrically edited to overlap. We watch both protagonists searching for love but repeatedly fail because they are unable to find a spark. The first verse speaks of a story I am sure a few of us know a bit too well for comfort. Waking up the next morning unsure of who’s next to you, or why they are there, to only have your mystery prince in two-hundred dollar jeans try to convince you to stay as you run out of the door.

Photo: Primary Talent

Faces flash in synchronization with the bass line opposite the female protagonist throughout the second verse as we hear Ghostpoet recite, ”Sick of this game” she sighed to herself’. I quickly sighed with her and closed my tinder app. Ultimately Ghostpoet was able to convey the pain of the city millennial dating experience in a matter of two verses and a chorus. One can only imagine what he will convey on his next album.


Written by Camille Felicity

I do things, and I make noise.

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