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Premiere: The Sweet Kill share ‘War’, a new Dark Pop song about active addiction
The Sweet Kill


The Sweet Kill
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Even if you’ve never served in the military, I believe we all go through wars of our own—internally and privately—with ourselves, with loved ones, and however else. Therefore, I find the record by The Sweet Kill to be of relation.

When asked about the track, the artist said,

‘This war in my heart’ depicts the struggle of active addiction. Moving from one hit/drink to the next, the afflicted has no regard for the ones that love them. I’m able to revisit this darkness in depth due to my own experience overcoming my life as an addict. — Pete Mills

According to the information about the record, its heavy electronic riffs and creepy samples share the spotlight with vocalist Pete Mills’ melancholic verses. The track builds slowly, reaching a heartfelt crescendo about two-thirds of the way. Listen to The Sweet Kill’s first single from the Dark Pop EP, ‘Love & Death’, below. It comes out March 22.

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