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Toronto, Canada singer Freddie Future takes sincere route with new love in ‘Too Heavy’: Listen

“It’s too heavy. Lifting this alone. I’m not ready. Not ready to love.”

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Often, we meet people who we think are our soulmates. Most times, it isn’t the case. Some times, the timing isn’t right, but after hearing the raw lyrics to the hook, you sort of wish your previous lovers kept it real with you.

It’s too heavy. Lifting this alone. I’m not ready. Not ready to love.

I would much rather hear the person of interest say it to me like this than to be in a miserable union. Most people aren’t emotionally or mentally prepared to deal with the level of honesty I’m willing to experience. I don’t blame them, but I’m not interested in creating another love story with a bitter end. If you’re out there, feeling like you should be in a relationship, but you know you aren’t ready, let the person know.

It may surprise you, but they may feel the way you do. Talking is the best way to collect the information you need to manoeuvre through life. No one wants to be in love, alone. None of us wants to carry or lift love alone. Nor do we want to sing our broken apologies. Keep it authentic with everyone in your life. They’ll love you for it.

‘Too Heavy’ is from Freddie Future’s debut album. Listen to the ElectroPop track now.


Written by Richardine Bartee

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