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Dubstep producer Packrat shares the irresistible ‘Bad Trip’: Listen


Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Back when my Southern California escapades included rides on Dub Reggae boats, I used to listen to music like this all the time. Above all else, sounds like this remind me of the sunshine and warm breeze. There’s something about the sun. It has a way of turning the crustiest attitudes into sunflowers and daffodils. Packrat’s reposted tracks on his SoundCloud page takes me there; to all of the sunny places, I’ve enjoyed live music: Houston, Detroit, Los Angeles, and the Netherlands.

As I cruised through Josh or Packrat’s SoundCloud, I learned about a guy named SVDDEN DEATH (pronounced Sudden Death). His track ‘ Take Ya Head Off’ is incredible. That’s the kind of Electronic Dance Music I enjoy most. Hard, aggressive, ugly, and intense, or simpler sounds made by ADULT.

Getting back on tangent, check out Packrat’s latest effort ‘Bad Trip’ below.


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