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London, England’s best kept secret Zomby brings you a dynamically deep sound that is both thought-provoking and well-rounded. Zomby began his journey producing electronic music in 2007. Through out the years, he has learned a few tricks of the trade as well as centered into his own signature style. If you were to ask me to define his music into genres, I would have to say a little acid house with a mixture of jungle-ish drum and bass, a side of break-beats with a dash of dubstep. Earlier this year, Zomby released a double album through 4AD Records titled “With Love”. The 33-track long album features tracks from many different styles of electronic music and also serves as a glimpse inside the eclectic personality of the man behind the music.


Strong characters and a somber storyline serve as a perfect frame in capturing the essence of the album “With Love”, the latest release by Zomby. Love or the act of love has many different perspectives as shown in this aesthetically artistic short-film directed by Ollie Evans. This effort features various tracks (Ascension”, “Sunshine in November”, “Overdose”, and “Memories” collectively put together to accompany the ritualistic aspects in the film. The acid house and deep bass undertones in Zomby’s style of music really give dimension to the art-deco cinematography of the music video.


Listening to the song, you can definitely pick up on some of the emotions he is trying to provoke. Opening with a tranquil and light-hearted intro, which smoothly transitions to a murky piano lead piece, following that you’re abruptly thrown head first into a spine-tingling heavy bass record that transforms into a progressive house track. Lastly, the film carries you to a blissful mixture of a tribal-meets-percussion sounds which brings you down to a sweet, sympathetic climax. See for yourself:

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Written by Manny King John

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