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Dim Mak’s First-Ever Hardstyle Artist Coone Releases Second Single


Dim Mak’s first-ever hardstyle artist Coone has released his newest single “Our Fairytale (Theme of Tomorrow 2013)” featuring Chris Madin as a Beatport exclusive. The track is the second single from Coone’s upcoming full-length album Global Dedication, out November 12 on Dim Mak Records in conjunction with his influential hardstyle-jumpstyle imprint Dirty Workz. Additionally, Our Fairytale (Theme of Tomorrow 2013) will be the theme of the Q-dance video content for their hardstyle stage at TomorrowWorld 2013, where Coone is performing Saturday, September 28th on the Q-dance Stage. Make sure to catch Coone as he performs at The Sound of Q-dance Saturday, October 5 at The Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles with Noisecontrollers, Wildstylez, Gunz for Hire, and others.

From beginning to end, Coone takes all of your senses on a roller coaster ride. His heavy bass filled sets give you that big room hardstyle sound yet also touches very sweet and melodic points that keep you on your toes. Putting on a world class show is something Coone has perfected. Taking you on a journey, you feel his energy from the way he serves his set and the sheer emotion in his voice when speaking to the crowd. His love for hard beats take on a life of its own when he hits the stage. He lives and breathes Hardstyle. His passion shared by thousands of like-minded souls all over the world, each speaking a universal language — music — a binding force uniting us all.

Coone’s signing to Dim Mak solidifies the label as a power player in the emerging North American hardstyle community, the fastest rising movement in electronic music today. Always at the forefront of the ever-changing, global electronic music scene, Dim Mak Records has been an early adopter of the hardstyle sound, having worked with renowned artists Showtek and more. Hardstyle has remained a worldwide staple in electronic music, currently influencing various producers and electronic sub-genres like house, trance, and techno. Artists and producers from every corner of the electronic music spectrum are embracing the hardstyle sound beyond the amped beats per minute (BPM) count and are lifting the genre’s elements for their own productions, including hardstyle kicks, synths, and melodies. Already a massive movement across Europe and beyond, hardstyle is making major waves across North America, and Dim Mak leads the way with Coone.

For more information about Coone and his signing to Dim Mak Records, just click here. They’ve a video of him and Steve Aoki talking about the special occasion.

Written by Manny King John


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