Ghanaian singer Sefa talks ‘Echoke’, working with Stonebwoy, and what it’s like to be a female artist at home (Interview)

Sefa—real name Sefadzi Amesu— counts her most memorable performance when she was in Tamale, Ghana, supported Stonebwoy’s concert.

Photos: Courtesy of the artist

If you love Afrobeats, then you have to be familiar with Sefa, Ghana’s Afrobeats songstress. This talented beauty has performed in renowned venues and continues to elevate her career with hit singles like ‘Echoke’. Please, get to know the Ghanaian princess’ musical inspirations, firsthand experience with making music videos, and more in this featured article.

Photos: Courtesy of the artist

GRUNGECAKE: I love how you uniquely spell your name. What inspired the “3” instead of an “e” in your stage name?

Thank you. When I started my musical career, professionally, I hated how my name was mentioned because everyone kept mentioning my name with an American accent [cause] of the “E”, so, I felt like if I use the “3” instead of the “E”, people will get used to the African tonation. Sefa laughs. Silly, I know, but it works now.

GRUNGECAKE: How does it feel to be a top Afrobeats artist from Ghana?

It feels amazing especially [cause] it makes me feel good to know people appreciate my sound and are actually ready to support my career. It also feels amazing to walk into a show and have people sing your lyrics back to you. Very surreal moment for me all the time.

GRUNGECAKE: What are some of the challenges you uniquely face being a Ghanaian artist?

I feel like one challenge I face personally as a Ghanaian artist, especially being a woman, is having people focus more on my talent as compared to my sexuality. I feel in Ghana, a female’s talent isn’t respected enough, hence making it difficult to just give people music without doing things to get their attention.

GRUNGECAKE: You have such an amazing performance catalogue. What was your most memorial performance? What did you like most?

One memorable moment, for me, when I travelled to Tamale with Stonebwoy for his show and I got on stage so, nervous because I thought this is a new crowd and probably these people don’t even know who I am, but once I started to sing, they literally sang my song to me lyric for lyric. I was so overwhelmed and lost for words.

GRUNGECAKE: I, personally, loved your dance battle scenes in the ‘Echoke’ video. What was your favorite part making the video?

My fav[ourite] part of the videos was actually the last scenes of the video, where we all danced together. Just the fun we had that period is what makes it special to me.

GRUNGECAKE: What do you want the world to know about you and your music?

I want the world to know my music, as that they can always go to when they experience an emotion they can’t express. I feel music is spiritual and just the thought of controlling people’s emotions and thoughts whilst they listen to you, and also being able to expresses themselves through it, is amazing. So, I want people to know mu music as a safe place.

GRUNGECAKE: What can we expect next for Sefa?

A lot of amazing things. Great great things.

Written by Manny King John

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