Review: Sage The Gemini’s “Remember Me” Album Release Party

Sage The Gemini

Sage The No-Show

On Tuesday evening, the team set out to attend Sage The Gemini’s album release party at Brother Jimmy’s in Union Square; eagerly anticipated the man of the night’s arrival with an alleged childhood friend. We’ll keep his name private.

If you’re not familiar with the artist, you’ve probably heard his music before. He is best known for his hit single “Gas Pedal” featuring fellow Californian and HBK Gang affiliate IamSu, which peaked at #29 on the Billboard 100, and “Red Nose”, which also peaked at #54 on the Hot 100, all of which can be found on his previously released EP “Gas Pedal” and his new album “Remember Me”.

As recapped by my Music Manager, upon entering the room, he was greeted by a diverse audience. They were all supporting Sage The Gemini on his latest accomplishment, an album release, but with various intentions. In any event, the spacious room quickly filled up with supporters and free alcoholic drinks with the purchase of a Sage’s album kept the bartender busy, working triple-time. Heeding to comments of slightly watered-down mixed drinks, Yen (Music Manager) made the most of his time at the bar with few a shots of Patrón to jump start the experience.

Sage The Gemini's "Remember Me" cover image

As stated by the four team members who attended, the food was served in a Superbowl party style as a courtesy of Brother Jimmy’s BBQ and it was available to whoever was willing to indulge. Buckets of Brother Jimmy’s chicken wings and well-dressed nacho platters became an afterthought, as the people silently testified in agreement, plate by plate. Not only was the food really good but surprisingly to one of the team members, he won a raffle. Unluckily, he was outside making a phone call so he couldn’t claim it. If claimed, he was promised to attend an after party plus one with the recording artist “and more”, in which I am still not entirely clear on. I don’t think anyone was.

“Remember Me” spun on repeat and the official videos of his more notable records “Gas Pedal” and “Red Nose” continuously played on the television screens. His music, full of heavy baselines, catchy hooks, and a mixture of West Coast undertones definitely reflected on the rhythmic movements of his audience. Besides the two notable tracks mentioned, that are getting heavy radio play, it was difficult to establish any connection to the remaining records on the album. We anticipated an attention-grabber or vibe-changing audio. It never came.

Unfortunately, this event definitely felt more like an industry after-work event as opposed to an album release or listening session, with the absence of the man of the hour, Sage The Gemini, appearing to his own celebration. However, with a full day consisting of an 106 & Park video debut, live Twitter feed interviews, and a variety of press and media scheduled events, we all know the label logistics can often interfere with and sometimes sabotage their own artist branding with lack luster events. We’re sure he’s a great guy. We just didn’t see him.

When I asked my other team members what they thought about the event in general, there were questions about who might have handled the event and later, there was suggestion that perhaps, interns handling the event.

“It was just… I don’t know. It was just an event. We went around the room, networked with everyone. That was basically the whole night. It wasn’t that good. I didn’t hate it, but it was kind of — bullshit, because he didn’t even show up,” one team member shared.

“One of his childhood friends was really anxious to see him,” another team member shared. “He hadn’t seen in years.”

We’d like to thank Peeps Out for inviting us and taking handling our requests.

Words by Richardine Bartee & Yen

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Written by Manny King John

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