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Review: Drake’s “Jungle” short film

Hopefully it’s not too late for anybody reading this, but this is a brief review of Aubrey’s recently released short film, Jungle. Get it?

Hopefully someone caught the pun there.


Moving forward, this film has a sense of mystery and with recent reports about the back story behind his recently released mixtape (or album), everything associated with Mr. Graham seems to be extremely foggy and mysterious at the moment. Mysteries always lead into questions. In my opinion, plenty of questions should be asked after watching this piece, and I have a stream of my own.

    What was the direction of film?
    Does Drake miss Toronto?

My line of questioning could go on forever and those were just a few but from what I gathered, this piece is supposedly based on Aubrey’s life. Honestly, for the film to be just fourteen minutes of Drake hanging out in Toronto with his entourage and staring into the camera, makes it difficult to actually pull a plot or some type of meaning out of it.

Overall, the film doesn’t look bad. This piece is extremely creative and viewers shouldn’t have a problem picking up on the creativity quickly. It does seem like Drake wanted to use this project to show love towards his supporters over the years and to the city of Toronto. As stated earlier, this piece is supposedly based on his life; so it extremely awesome for Aubrey and production to incorporate home video footage of him singing with his dad, and some video of his pre-record deal phase. Unfortunately after all of that, it gets quite confusing. Whenever an artist releases a project outside of their talent’s realm, fans tend to dissect the project like a conspiracy theorist and try to find ways to link it with their actual talent. Either way, it’s Drake and it’s going to rack up views on the net.

Perhaps Drake wanted to provide an open-ended project like this for his fans to find a meaning for themselves. Who knows? Still, the project is unique, abstract and captivating.

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