New Heat: Play Obie Iyoha’s single ‘Flying Nimbus’ from his ‘BumbleBee’ EP

Photo: Akin Oluwadare

Throw Obie Iyoha on that playlist you have with Smino, Saba, Wale, JID, EARTHGANG, and Isaiah Rashad, guarantee he’ll fit right in.

Photo: Akin Oluwadare

Obie Iyoha’s been making waves since releasing ‘Midnight Run’ in 2016, a full-length project with a very timely single titled ‘Lost in America’ that displayed a consciousness, artistry, and lyrical skill that put him on par with Joey Bada$$ and Kendrick Lamar’s releases from that same period. Since ‘Midnight Run’, Obie’s mastered the art of the single. Both of his 2018 singles, ‘Karats’ and ‘Fire’, are captivatingly melodic gems that will make you want to check out the rest of his music and be excited about future releases. His Nigerian background, production skills, and world consciousness seep into everything from his lyrics to his beats. Obie’s flow, versatility, and general knack for music-making culminate in the fantastic 2020 single ‘Flying Nimbus’. Obie floats on this beat effortlessly, and clocking in at only 1:39, ‘Flying Nimbus’ is the epitome of “the best songs are the shortest ones.” Everyone should have Obie Iyoha on their radar for 2020. ‘Flying Nimbus’ is out now on his ‘BumbleBee’ EP.

Written by Manny King John

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