Worth the Watch: Kendrick Lamar’s “LOVE.” featuring Zacari


My ringtone has an official video.



irst of all, this is the second best thing to happen to me this week. Aside from covering America’s Got Talent on Sunday, it is this video. As an adult, I can say that most relationships have flaws, but that’s love. Sometimes, we disagree with our significant others. Other times, we argue about petty things. Looking back at my relationships, I think if you are not able to get through the high tides in a healthy relationship, you don’t deserve each other. What is a healthy relationship? It is one that doesn’t involve domestic violence. It does not warrant subsequent bruises, scratches, and punches to your body. In a healthy situation, you will not endure the abuse of any kind. Yes, verbal abuse is also abuse.

For younger viewers, I think the video showcases a balance of what to expect in life—when you’re living it with someone else. When you are a successful person, it is difficult to maintain a relationship. Yes, even if your spouse is successful, too. Unions take work. I believe we can see that here. Being happy is important, but knowing how to communicate through sadder moments is what keeps the relationship going.

Kendrick Lamar, or any entertainer like him, are served female nether regions on a daily basis. It is not a thing most men are accustomed to, so all of them cannot fathom his lifestyle. What may come as a surprise to others is how unhappy he looks in the midst of various beautiful women. The older you become, the more you want to be with who you know is there for you, and not who the world sees.

Please, watch the Kendrick Lamar, Dave Meyers and The Homies-directed video featuring Zacari for “LOVE.” below. In my opinion, it was the worth the wait.

I am going to look for that “Lovely” hoodie now. I need one right now.