Song of the Day: ‘Games People Play’ by Lady Wray

The cover art says it all.

Name: Lady Wray
Representing: Portsmouth, Virginia
Genre: R&B/Soul
For fans of: Mary J Blige
Single from: Pieces of Me
Produced by: ​El Michels Affair
Song of the Day: July 8, 2021
Label(s): Big Crown Records

Photo: Courtesy of the label

Formerly known as Nicole Wray, Lady Wray has released a new record called ‘Games People Play’ for general consumption. Divvying up her soulful vocal style over production inspired from the past to sing about hindsight folly, the new mom sings about youth and what comes with it.

The creative process for ‘Games People Play’ was a bit crazy because I just had my daughter at the time, so I was trying to get back into songwriting mode all while being a new mom, Nicole shared about the nostalgic record.

Photo: Courtesy of the label

When explaining how the production made her feel before writing the song, she said: It reminded me of the early 90s when dating was fun and complicated.

Speaking from a personal experience and coming of age in the 00s, I have played many games—with myself and others—as far as intimacy and love are concerned, so I relate to the lyrics and intention. There are no regrets on this side, though. Most importantly, I think it is how we evolve from our experiences that ultimately make us who we are in society. If you agree or disagree, listen to the El Michels Affair record below, which is a handsome blend of Hip-Hop/R&B, Soul and Gospel that everyone deserves to experience.

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