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Product of his environment: Jacksonville rapper MoneyyMitcch shares visual for ‘Shordy’

He’s from the “murder capital of Florida”.

Emerging from the most populous city in Florida, Jacksonville artist MoneyyMitcch shares his latest music video for ‘Shordy’. Five masked people surround him in the house and on the porch as he raps the lyrics, which are laced with vivid descriptions of what his enemies will have to deal with on sight, his relationship with young women, and everything in-between. If you’re wondering why his content is this way, it has to do with his environment. Unfortunately, forty (40) per one thousand residents is the crime rate, and it has been called the tenth most deadliest city for pedestrians. So it will be a good while before I visit Jacksonville.

Check out the video below directed by Oz. It features a cameo from fellow Jacksonville rapper Lil Westside.

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