Zimbabwean-born “Voice UK” winner Annatoria teams up with rising Afrobeats star Ishan on ‘Lola’: Watch

‘Lola’ is a fun, teen-like-romantic promise that is reasonably relatable. A mid-tempo Afrobeats bump with solid performances from the two young Zimbabwean artists, Annatoria and Ishan. Although spending most of their lives on different hemispheres, the duo generates undeniable chemistry on this record. It’s almost like they grew up together. Their voices blend well with the composition resulting in an enjoyable smooth listen.

Written by Mufaro "Forbes" Mujuru

I am passionate about African music, the business, and expanding markets behind it. I write bits about it on GRUNGECAKE. I am also the founder of Big Soko Music Group Ltd and the head behind Commune Curate.

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