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Is Naj’s “Brown Sugar” the ultimate side chick song?

In the 1950’s, the American housewife era was in full effect. Present-day, the role of the side chick, has emerged, and some women are quite comfortable in this position. A side chick is female that has relations with a man who is already in a relationship with another woman. The position of a side chick can cause mental instability but can also carry several benefits for each involved. Therefore, I believe the side chick role is situational but not suitable for everyone.

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Boredom and lack of communication among other factors are possible causes for a man to seek interest in a side girl. I have never been the side chick before at least not that I know of, but I could understand why a girl may find this role to be appealing. After all, a side chick can live life as a single female and still reap relationship benefits. Some women choose to become the side girl because of the option to forgo responsibilities such as cooking and cleaning. Younger females who aren’t ready for commitment might also find this role to be suitable. In some cases men will convert the side chick to the main chick if he feels necessary depending on the situation. On the contrary, some women become vulnerable in this situation because they invest ample amount of time into a man who has no intentions in a serious relationship with them. The guy suddenly has full control because he will tell her when the relationship is over or if he wants to move forward with her. Also, people tend to lack sympathy for women who are hurt because they were dealing with an already committed man. I believe in karma but there are different situations in life that permit different behavior.

Naj, a New York rapper, dedicated an entire song to the topic of side chicks called “Brown Sugar.” In the video, Naj references a girl he met at the age of 15 that he really enjoys spending time with. He even talks about his interest in her soul, personality and swag, but he admits to having no intentions in settling down with her. Essentially this girl is the side chick and approves of his choice to keep her secondary. As a sample of his true feelings for the female, he raps “Now she know that I don’t really want a girl I been abusing her love I’m just using her love I told her I’m just cruising my love can’t be two fools in love.” On this male perspective track, Naj admits to abusing and using this young lady’s love. Therefore, a side chick is a female who isn’t reaping the true benefits of all that she deserves which is to be treated as the number one and only female in her man’s life. However, there’s no need for a full-blown relationship unless both parties are ready. Naj expresses in “Brown Sugar,” his choice to remain single, “I’m abusing this drug, I had to cool on the drugs.” Different stages of life permit different behaviors and different individuals prefer different relationship status.

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Written by Manny King John

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