Iniko’s viral sound gets official release through Columbia Records: Watch ‘The King’s Affirmation’ video

What we say and project has power.

Photo: Instagram

If you’ve scrolled through Instagram or TikTok, you’ve heard this sound floating around with people singing along or enacting what the popular mantra means to them. To my surprise, the artist Iniko released the official video for the song ‘The King’s Affirmation’ a week ago through Columbia Records. If you don’t believe in the law of attraction yet, now’s a good reason to accept that it is real. The song opens with the following words, effortlessly sung like a chant: I will be one of the greatest, that is a vow, yeah, that is a promise/Always wanted to be famous, just being real, yeah, just being honest/My haters gon’ always be nameless, give them no clout, I give them no power.


Wow, so without further ado, check the official video below. They manifested something great, and we hope nothing but the best for them.

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