Fatiah Rebbekkah and Friends for The Jacob Taylor Boutique Launch and Mixer

We sat down for a quick one-on-one with Celebrity Fashion stylist Fatiah Rebbekkah to get the 411 on The launch of her Jacob Taylor boutique and brand with partner Destiny Charm. We mixed and mingled with her friends R&B Artist Joe love who crooned to the ladies and melted our little hearts during the mixer and met Tessa Harnetiaux from the Cinemax Show “A girls guide to Depravity” to get an idea on whether she actually follows the girls guide!

Fatiah Rebbekkah on what she did before deciding on the Jacob Taylor business venture, and what Celebrity she enjoyed styling the most

Fatiah: As far as designing and before the boutique, I was a stylist. My favorite celebrity I styled? There’s a couple of them. I really enjoyed working with Chef Roble from Bravo, he was amazing! He’s so cool and down to earth. I also really enjoyed working with Angela Yee, from 105.1 and she’s also from Gossip Game on VH1. She just was very mentoring and she’s been in the game for a long time and she holds a lot of jewels and she’s very open to share. Also a lot of people don’t know who Amanda Seales she’s a host, she’s been on VH1, MTV and she used to act when she was a little girl, she holds a lot of jewels too because she’s been in the game for years, she was dope to work with also.

Describe your personal style

Fatiah: I don’t really have one specific style, I’m an emotional dresser. I’m kind of inspired by strange things of how I want to dress. I’ve realized recently, Ive just turned 23, and I’ve been changing how I dress almost. I used to really like to show off my body but I was a different body type at one point. Now I kind of like things that come past my knee and hug a bit, but I like to layer more now. I definitley dress off of emotion. One day I look super Brooklyn-Retro and the next day I look like Wall street. You will never catch me looking the same, you’ll be confused. My hair color changes with the wind, I’ve had green, blonde, red, black, ombre. It changes like every other day. I’m an emotional dresser.

What made you decide to open a clothing boutique?

Fatiah: At first in life I’ve always since younger [you probably won’t believe this] but I had a business plan since 16 I made it in high school to have my own boutique. It was called “straight line” [I don’t know why] and I’ve had that same business plan since then, and I’ve always wanted a boutique because I just love fashion. I love clothes, and everything just ties in together. So, that was like the final step and I preached so much that you don’t have to wait for a certain time to do something, so I was like let me start to build it now and get that following so one day we can have a store front and it will be what I always wanted it to be.

On Jacob Taylor’s target customer and price point

Fatiah: Right now we definitely are women from [this is going to sound crazy but I’m going to explain myself] Women from the ages of 16 to 35. Which is very broad but, in today’s society for some reason a lot of young women tend to like a lot of things that their mom may wear for some odd reason. A lot of young girls are wearing the pencil skirts and the leather bombers, the sheer button ups and the chiffon tops and that’s what these young girls are wearing today but you know they wear it a little differently the styling changes throughout the age. So our clothing is very versatile, if you see any of the pieces they are funky brands, leathers, knits, pencil skirts with leather. Every age group gravitates towards it but they’d wear it a bit differntly, so we definitely want to reach out to those ages because that’s mainly my following also

The prices range from $60 to all the way to $120 dollars. The prices that are in the higher range tend to be the leather pieces and things like that.

On whether Jacob Taylor will eventually branch out into Men’s clothing

Fatiah: We definitely are. I used to be terrified to style Men. When I was heavier in styling I was terrified to style men for some odd reason. I think it was because I thought it was boring but, once I began to and I got more into it, I loved it so much. I didn’t realize how creative you can get with a guys style. We definitely want males clothing in, and that’s probably going to be by January 2014. We’re definitely going to get some snapbacks, and cool funky sweatpants that are leather, and just real retro, funky kind of styles guys would gravitate towards.

What Fatiah Rebbekkah thinks of when she hears GrungeCake

Fatiah: I’m random as hell, I was going to make a sound. I think Fatiah Rebbekkah! [laughs] You know why I like that, because the two words conflict, and I think that’s awesome. It’s just dope. I don’t know, it makes me want to eat but at the same time just yell. Just bite a cake and say [rawr]!

Also on the scene performing for the ladies was Harlem native Joe Love, who was styled by Fatiah for the mixer. We managed to talk with him for a moment and we found out he usually likes to wear bright colors and he does have some pink in his wardrobe [Harlem stand up!] We serious for a minute to find out what inspires his music.

Joe tells us about his songs and what they mean to him

Joe: The first song is called “Never forget”, that’s the first song I’ll be singing. It’s basically about never forgetting where you came from. It tells you a little about what I’ve been through to get where I am today. The next song is called “It’s personal” even though I’m doing what I’m doing now, it’s not easy. It’s a lot of personal things that be on my mind that I don’t really express in everyday life, so I express it through my music. Last but not least is “Slow” that’s my single that is available on iTunes, type in Joe, Love, Slow. There’s another song on there called “Turning it Up”. Go get both of them on iTunes for only 1.99. That’s about my whole life being fast, you know with the ladies. Tired of living that type of life and just wanting to take it slow for a change and get to know somebody.

On how Joe met Fatiah

Joe: I met Fatiah at an event, she was a stylist and I’m and R&B recording artist and I needed to change my look so I got with her and we became friends.

We also had the chance to sit down with the lovelyTessa Harnetiaux to find out how she landed the role for the Cinemax Show “The Girls Guide to Depravity” while she dishes on the kind of clothing she loves wearing, [she prefers dresses – while still complementing the loud black and white leopard leggings I had on], and we get the scoop on how she relates to her character and the plot line of the show, and of course – the burning question does she follow the rules of the handbook?! [wink, wink.]

On how Tessa landed the role of Meghan on “The Girls Guide to Depravity”

Tessa: I got it through and online casting website that I submitted for, and I went through 4 or 5 different call backs before I landed the role of Meghan, it was a great experience.

How she relates to the rules and quirky plot line

Tessa: I would say I do relate to the plot, because every girl wants to go about things in a way that is as seamless as possible – in terms of dating and guys, and the plot line is a really funny way to look at it. I feel everybody can relate to it, which is just awesome. The characters are amazing and just quirky, and funny, all different and very relatable.

On whether she follows the dating handbook in real life

Tessa: [Laughs] Well there are certain things, like always be prepared. That’s a rule, and you should always be prepared for things because you never know what’s going to happen. The other rules are just really fun to portray on a show, because the audience finds it funny and people enjoy it.

On if she ever made a guy cry

Tessa: That is one of the rules! [Laughs] You know, possibly? I don’t know, never in person. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. But Meghan my character, we are both very quirky and people think we are really naïve, but we try really hard. So there are some similarities with our characters.

On What she thinks when she hears the name GrungeCake

Tessa: GrungeCake. Honestly, when you first said GrungeCake maybe it’s just because I’m hungry, but I thought of spongecake, and now I would like some dessert. I have a big sweet tooth. Any magazine I think of just serving your audience, which is what you should do. I love it!

Visit Jacob Taylor online to shop online for fashion forward and budget friendly steals!

Written by Manny King John

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