Long Island rapper Dontae gives fair warning (Review)


Dontae might be the biggest thing to come from Valley Stream.



Photos: Courtesy of the artist


tarting his new EP off with a heartwrenching reality, Dontae shows light on a topic that has been taboo in North America for a long time. Race wars in America have been damaging the lives of minorities, and it hasn’t been a priority to anyone in charge. Unfortunately, we are not strong enough (yet) to bring about change. But in solidarity, we will be able to help Dontae and millions of other people who feel the same oppression. However, this isn’t all Dontae’s new tape covers. Quickly, the Coliseum Records artist jumps into the feel-good essence which most young people create.

On “Check,” the rapper talks about his worldly possessions, a young woman who goes to Parsons (School of Design) and putting on for his hometown, The Stream—or Valley Stream to be exact. “Tick-Tock” references Future’s infamous smash hit single “Commas,” rightfully so as the young musician mentions his expensive lifestyle. The only song with a featured artist Marvin Dolo “OK OK,” the Long Island artist gets into his bag and produces a record that Kanye West/Travi$ Scott could have been on, or inspired.


Following the high-tempo track, comes the “South$ide Interlude” where the rapper takes pride in his hometown. On “Energy,” he lets us know how long he has been making music. We’re not sure how old he is now, but we’re guessing if he is talking to girls in college, he’s around that age. Check out the title track/freestyle and make it out to Valley Stream on Long Island one of these days. Dontae may have some locals show you can attend. Stream the new seven-track EP below.

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