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Coach launches its Dream It Real podcast

The podcast’s first episodes feature Selena Gomez, Michael B Jordan and Maisie Williams.

Photo: Courtesy of Coach New York


Photo: Courtesy of Coach

Coach announces today the launch of the Dream It Real podcast, a weekly conversation driving momentum for Coach’s initiative to support the next generation as they envision and create the future they know is possible. Hosted by writer and editor Heben Nigatu, who in 2016 was named one of Forbes’ ’30 Under 30′, the series features interviews with celebrity guests, thought leaders and inspiring young people about their dreams for themselves and for the future.

The first episodes include interviews with singer, actress and global face of Coach Selena Gomez; actor, producer and global face of Coach menswear Michael B Jordan; and actress Maisie Williams. Its debut episode, available tomorrow, features Selena on the subject of authenticity, a value championed by Coach—and its customers. The conversation reveals her thoughts on social media and self-acceptance, her collaboration with Cardi B, and her approach to her upcoming album. “Every song is a story that I’ve experienced,” she says. “There’s nobody that’s going to tell my story better than myself.”

Authenticity is, for me, not minding being myself anymore, she says in the episode. I’ve always wanted to be me, but when I was younger, I was very insecure. I started in this industry really young, and I think that you kind of create this other persona of yourself.

The second episode, which will be released Wednesday, May 1, features Michael B Jordan on the subject of courage, another important house value. In it, he discusses inclusion in Hollywood, overcoming insecurity as a young actor and his dream to one day open a school.

Following episodes will feature star of ‘Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams, actor and songwriter Ben Platt, and Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers. In addition, every episode will feature the story of an inspiring young person, such as Los Angeles teenager Lesseya, a singer, dancer and artist whose dreams go beyond her own, featured in the debut episode.

I am excited to launch the Dream It Real podcast, a thought-provoking and inspiring series of unfiltered conversations, said Carlos Becil, Global Chief Marketing Officer of Coach. Our goal is to continue our commitment to empowering young people and to provide a platform where they can simply be themselves and find the confidence they need to create the world they envision.

The Dream It Real podcast series is released weekly on Wednesdays and is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and other channels.


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