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Cardi B releases stunning visual for ‘Money’


Cardi B releases the video for her single, ‘Money’, and to say the least, it is nothing short of spectacular. Directed by Jora Frantzis, the visual seems to pay heavy attention to the big year Cardi has had. Each set was meaningful, highlighting moments of her life, her style, also paying homage to those before her and her stripper past. Scenes show Cardi breastfeeding Kulture, another showing moments in a room with some of her stunning outfits she’s rocked throughout the year, other scenes paying homage to the Queen, Lil Kim, wearing and posing in a outfit, reminiscent of Kim’s 1997 MTV Music Awards, as well as paying homage to the 1999 Thierry Mugler Playboy shoot. The video was also an exhibition for strippers, which pays more homage to her past as a stripper and uplifting them today, of course, it’s all for the money. Altogether, viewers can assume that this visual is a glimpse into her world, what inspires her all while honouring all of her accomplishments this year. Check the stunning visual for ‘Money’ below:

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