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Review: Chuckie Campbell’s album ‘Taking Back Tomorrow’ underwhelms

Nonetheless, the content is necessary.

Nonetheless, the content is necessary.

From the start of Chuckie Campbell’s album, ‘Taking Back Tomorrow’, we were met with nasaly female vocals. Next, we were served rap verses that were sincere, filled with depth, and thought-provoking yet, it isn’t a body of music that we would listen to once it is over. As much as we enjoyed the hook on ‘Pretty Girls’, we thought the surrounding vocals didn’t compliment that section well. Nonetheless, the content is necessary.

Aside from his all-star rap features like Ras Kass and Talib Kweli, he changes up his flow often. The project is twelve tracks long. No, it isn’t your usual trendy or commercial palette of music, glorifying the Southern drug dealer lifestyle. It would be classified as a conscious album, but we think it misses the mark with being entertaining enough. We believe there’s a way to say all that he’s saying, but in a far more engaging way. The messages, for the most part, are positive. It just doesn’t impact us, the way we thought it could.

The album isn’t out yet, so in the meantime, listen to Chuck Campbell’s track featuring Talib Kweli.

Written by Manny King John

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