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Blxst and Killer Mike tell Apple Music about their favourite Black-owned businesses in Atlanta and preview forthcoming music

Photo: Courtesy of Apple Music

Blxst and Killer Mike join Ebro Darden on Apple Music 1 to discuss their Apple Maps Guide to Atlanta and spotlight their favourite Black-owned businesses in the city. Killer Mike also teases a forthcoming collaboration with Blxst.

Video | Blxst and Killer Mike tell Apple Music about their favourite Black-Owned businesses in Atlanta and preview forthcoming music

Blxst tells Apple Music about teaming up with Killer Mike to be tour guides for Apple Maps

It was organic, you know? I met Killer Mike actually in LA around last year… He just hit me up as a fan of my music, so I got the chance to work with a legend early on and I just tied it into the Apple Maps situation because of course, he a legend from Atlanta so I wanted to shed light on Black business out there, independent business out there, and who better to team with than Killer Mike?

Killer Mike tells Apple Music about his unreleased song with Blxst

There is a Blxst and Killer Mike song that exists, that’s all ya’ll get right now… And shout out to Will my manager who is a huge music fan, he literally just sent me Blxst’s record out of nowhere and didn’t say sh*t, he just sent it to me and I listened to it sixty days straight, and when I got in LA I just called him, just on the humbug like, “bro you come to the studio, hang out, smoke one, bless me” and he blessed me. I can’t tell ya’ll what it’s for yet, it’s going to be amazing, and that about all ya’ll get!

Killer Mike tells Apple Music about the Blue Flame Lounge in Atlanta

It’s called Blue Flame Lounge, it became a nude lounge I think in the late 80s and Michael Cato owns it, who went to school with my moms. So all of this, when I say it’s black owned – the community is black, the talent is black, the owner is black, and his dad who was known in the “underworld,” his dad helped fund a lot of those civil rights marches, so for me, when I said I go to The Blue Flame, I go there beyond – just the talent is amazing, the chicken wings are amazing, but I know my dollar is going to help a black kid somewhere. I know that the ladies that are in there… Like my girl Ebony just started a cleaning business, you know? Out of that she danced for years, now she’s hiring other girls and starting a cleaning business. So for me, I’ve always appreciated spending my dollar there cause when you buy a hundred ones, you get a hundred ones and they don’t take anything from you. And they play Blxst music in there, how could I not take em there?

Blxst tells Apple Music about his favourite place to eat in Atlanta

The Slutty Vegan, that’s a perfect place for me cause I’ve been vegan for seven years… Just to be able to be amongst my people and still eat to the best ability is dope for me, but I be trying to find little hole in the walls still. In Atlanta I’m still kinda new out there, so I be wiggling, but I gotta to go the Slutty Vegan anytime I touch down.

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