Watch: Walking Shapes’ “Feel Good”


Walking Shapes have premiered a new live video for the single “Feel Good” from their debut album Taka Come On exclusively at Diffuser.FM. The live performance was recently filmed during a showcase run at the 2014 CMJ Music Marathon in New York. The bands debut album Taka Come On is now available everywhere and can be streamed online in its entirety.

“Nearly a year ago during CMJ 2013 we were a new band breaking into the New York scene basically playing any and every gig we could while in the studio writing and recording our debut album,” said singer Nathaniel Hoho. “Over the year that followed, we released our Taka Come On, along with our first single ‘Feel Good,’ and shot a video for the song in the Dominican Republic, no less. One year later its come full circle. The album and video have been released and it was rad to be back at CMJ playing the song live. It felt great to look into people’s eyes and remind them why they are at a gig and experiencing music – to feel good.”

Brooklyn rockers Walking Shapes have come a long way since their formation in late 2012. The band released their debut LP Taka Come On (No Shame) and garnered loads of critical support from across the U.S. for their bass-heavy, atmospheric Rock aesthetic and feverish live shows. Self-described as an “analog-meets-digital” heartbeat, Walking Shapes meld driving guitars, intricate arrangements and visually evocative songwriting into stunning audio refractions on New York’s sonic landscape. Musically, Taka Come On is so versatile, yet concise, that the band’s influences are hard to pinpoint. Yet, ultimately, Walking Shapes craft anthemic, catchy Pop songs, such as “Feel Good.” Recorded at the No Shame recording studio in Soho, New York, Walking Shapes enlisted producer Gus Oberg (The Strokes, Willie Nelson, and Ryan Adams) to round out the epic, Taka Come On. Earlier this spring, following a U.S. tour, Walking Shapes celebrated the release of their debut by performing 24 shows in 24 hours around New York City.

Walking Shapes are Nathaniel Hoho (vocals, guitar), Jesse Kotansky (guitar), Jacob Generalli (keys), Dan Krysa (bass), and Christopher Heinz (drums).

Walking Shapes plays Brooklyn Bazaar live in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday, November 15.

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Written by Manny King John

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