Watch soulful superpowers at work in Suzi Analogue & Swarvy’s “I Must Be”

The newest visual “I Must Be” from Suzi Analogue + Swarvy’s Love Affairz V.1 project just dropped on Hypetrak. The soulful, but hard-hitting sounds of the tune float along while the visual, directed by JTVizion, delivers a retrofuturistic VHS footage aesthetic. With the entire project released on both cassette, and iTunes, Suzi sheds light on why tapes are so inspirational to music culture:


The tapes in “I Must Be” represent how I fell in love with music – on cassette. Tapes were the reason I would go to the mall on Saturdays as a kid – to get the newest single from Total, or SWV or Wu Tang. They are a very special format of music because they are the first portable handheld music that was around. Tapes gave everyone a chance to personalize their listening experience… so even though music is released digitally now, we still call projects mix tapes because of their impact. This is why cassettes are making a comeback in 2014-15, because it’s the format that represents individuality.

Both Swarvy and Suzi Analogue are creating music in their own worlds. Read more about how their project came to exist in a new interview with Never Normal, and stay tuned.


Written by Manny King John

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