Watch: Brain Rapp’s “Not Today”


Brain Rapp’s coming straight outta the Columbia, Maryland Hip-Hop scene. Off the top, the visuals in this video are beautiful. Love the snow, it reminds me of my home state MI. I dig the transition from black and white to color, as well. Done in the proper way, it brings out the darker undertones of the lyrics and highlights the positivity of them without a full on cheeseball “Over the Rainbow” moment. 100% solid song and video. The message of the lyrics is something I can for sure relate to. It felt like Brain was writing this song for me, and a lot of people I know. We’re all dealing with growing older and still wanting to do what we know and love while dealing with the reality of approaching middle age. As an artist in the same game, I’ve been there mad times. Brain has the perfect, relatable lyrics, he’s a dope emcee and the video is beautiful. I’m his newest fan.

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Written by Manny King John

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