Watch: Samo Sound Boy’s “What Can I Do (BH019)”

As the video hit the 2:00 minute mark, we couldn’t help but wonder: Is she going to cry through the entire video? Really?

Samo Sound Boy, one half of DJ Dodger Stadium, just released the third video in the three-part series from his debut solo album, Begging Please coming 4/28 on Body High. The video for his single “What Can I Do” is the last of an emotional trilogy directed by Dan Pappas, and starring Nathalie Love.

[pullquote align=”right”]”I made these three videos in LA with my friends Dan Pappas and Nathalie Love. (Dan directed them and Nathalie is the star. They are also a couple in real life). The idea was to do a very simple and intimate series that would reflect the story of my album. Each video was entirely unscripted and filmed on Dan’s phone as a single continuous take. We filmed on a phone instead of a pro camera mostly because no one is going to bust you for not a having a permit that way, but also because it allowed for the background and locations to really come to life. I like these videos because everything going on in them is real. There was no set or crew or sound guy standing off camera. Just a real couple out in real places in the city.” – Samo Sound Boy[/pullquote]

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Written by Manny King John

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